Technical Authoring

Technical Authoring

Also known as user guides, instruction manuals or textbooks with pictures. Technical authoring will enable you to get any employee up to speed on how to use your website or software packages. Above all, training manuals and staff guides are a long term asset to your company.

Communicate specialist information about how the plugins and services of your website work and therefore how each can be applied or used in a way that’s easy to understand.

What We Do

We study and analyse the User Interfaces (UI) of your website, front-end & back-end. We put ourselves in the end users shoes, and we follow their entire journey through interfacing with the website. As a result this enables us to create concise user guides for various activities or functions that staff users may need to perform on your website. With this insight we create a user guide that will also serve as a training manual for your own staff teams of the future.

Multi-Level Access

All businesses operate with various roles with-in their organisation and your website will be no different. We can complete guides for staff users of multi-level access websites, whether it is stock controllers, moderators, or administrators. In an instant, see a break down of staff functions and activities to create multi-level staff user guides.


Our Work

Every consultation is unique and different clients require different functions or use from their website. Whether it is an e-commerce store, a community management tool, or a media library management process, a concise staff guide on how to use your services and features is a valuable asset for you to have to hand.


Getting Started

Get in contact today and inquire more about our technical authoring services. Our aim is to empower website owners, making you more comfortable with the access your staff have to back-end systems, and or client data for example. We create a guide for each staff user level that you require. Staff user specific guides for all of your websites staff training needs.


About Your WordPress Website

Blog, Recruitment, Online Store, Events Website, Community etc.
Users with different roles on the website e.g. Admin, Author, Editor etc.
Do you have any "paid for" Plugins?
Before we can accept new technical authoring request, we must have a completed website audit.
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