Remote WordPress Website Maintenance Team

Need some help managing your self hosted WordPress website, updating plug-ins or re-instating back-ups? We offer maintenance services to help ease the workload of managing your website, or at least the technical parts.


Unlimited Tasks

All the work we carry out is documented in your Client Projects area. Give feedback or add tasks for your consultant.

Regular Plugin Updates

Keeping your plugins up to date will help with website security and operational continuity. Let us keep your plugins updated and ensure any conflicts are resolved.

Regular Theme Updates

Updates to your theme along with plugins, can cause operational or security issues. Allow us to keep your website theme updated and free of layout errors.

Pro-active Monitoring

Monitoring and tracking of your websites performance and acting accordingly to any issues that require immediate attention.

Cancel Anytime

We would hate to see you go, but you are free to cancel at any time. We do not offer refunds or partial refunds however.

Monthly Audits

Get reports of the work carried out and any performance updates. All plugin updates and work completed each month will be compiled into a report each month.

Updates, Fixes & Ongoing Maintenance



Remote Administrators

We are WordPress Administrators ourselves and use the software on a daily basis. We are able to act as your own remote admin support team, giving you access to the expertise and time of our consultants.
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Monthly Audit Reports

You can do more knowing that your websites technical needs are being taken care of by an experienced team, who will log every detail and task carried out, just incase you have a curious mind.
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How It Works

We have created this contact form specifically for the purposes of requesting either a Primary WordPress Audit or Remote WordPress Maintenance support. This is normally an after-care service that we offer to our Web Project & Startup clients.

This is not an order form, until we have verified all of the details, you don’t have to pay anything when submitting this form.

Get in touch with us and tell us a little about your website first, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. There is no obligation when completing this form.

Primary Audit

The reason for this form is helps us to perform a primary audit of your website. Once we have an administrator account we will compile our findings into a primary audit document.

Services included in full audit:

  • Analytics Review
  • Page Speed Test Reports
  • Plugin Review
  • Plugin Suggestions
  • AMP Availability

Remote Admins

Acting like your own in-house admins, we will need to create a login on your WordPress website, and have our default account upgraded to an administrator. We can talk you through this very easy process once we have created our user account.

Data Backups

We always backup websites before we do any updates. In most cases many WordPress websites will have some form of backup plugin, if none is available, this would be one of the very first tasks we carry out. This is one of the first tasks we perform in our audit reports. (Plugin review & Suggestions)

Pay Monthly

Invoices generated for this service are payable immediately upon receipt, and once paid, you will have access to Managed WordPress Maintenance for 30 days. You can use support tickets as well as see your own projects area on the JWC website. Every 30 days a new invoice will be generated. Cancel anytime.

Daily Monitoring & Updates

Every day one of our consultants will log in your website to perform any required, plugin or theme updates as well as creating a backup before any work is undertaken. Any issues outside our control that affect your websites function is reported to you immediately. We do not update stock levels, add new products etc under this maintenance service.

Unlimited Tasks

This service comes with unlimited maintenance tasks. No matter what it takes to maintain your website we will take care of it for you. If something comes up that is not with-in the maintenance of your website, that could affect your business, we will alert you directly.

One-off Tasks

Some websites are very well maintained, and do not require as much as we provide in our support package. Until we complete at least a primary audit on your website, we are not able to approve a one-off task on an unknown website.

There are a lot of unknown variables that can affect large parts of your WordPress setup. If we were to come in and start applying edits and changes, we would not want to inadvertently disable, or break other features or parts of your website.

If we have completed a primary audit for your website before, feel free to use My Tickets to request one-off tasks, and if needed, a new project will be created in your projects area by the assigned consultant.

About Your WordPress Website

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