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This week we finally decided to update our website look and feel, and with that is some major changes to several of our previous pages and services. Our primary service of website startup and project consultation remains unaffected, well, except the page looks better.

As with any theme change, sometimes it isn’t as simple as selecting a theme you like and installing it. The reason being that some themes are built with a specific page builder, which doesn’t translate well when switching page builders. It just so happens that we wanted to introduce some new services anyway and have to remake every single page.

The most noticeable change right now will be the primary navigation of the website, and that the website has an alternative mobile appearance. We are still in the process of updating AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for all of our pages, but will do this once we have completed the last few pages.

WordPress Websites
runs 35%
Of Entire Internet
WooCommerce Stores
£ 35
Avg. WordPress Theme

Just Web Consultants are making a move to supporting WordPress as our primary CMS. Its popularity is undeniable, and there has yet to be a client whose project couldn’t be run on WordPress. If you need WordPress support, check out our managed solutions.

A lot of changes in the footer, now providing a lot more information, including our Bath Street, Glasgow Office address. We would offer for you to come along and see us, but we work remote and probably won’t be in the office.

Fill out one of our new contact forms and we can come to you. Or call you. Or just reply. We’re flexible like that. Contact JWC Today.

We are also introducing several new services soon, one of which is hosting options, with some of our partners already displayed in the footer.

We are not however changing our low prices, or guarantees to our clients, you’ve probably seen the “Pricelist” link in the navigation. As always, open and upfront about our costs.

Free Consultation
Audit & Research
Average Contract
£ 500
Average New Site

Gravity Solutions Website (re)Launch

What you may have missed

Last week also saw us launch another new client website, for the team over at Gravity Technology Solutions. We would attach some images and screenshots, but they wouldn’t do it any justice, the site is live and you can go view it in all its glory now:

The brief was simple, and short – a theme change and some new graphical elements and page layouts – the problems, not so much.

During the build, it became clear the server was not going to last another day, with CPU maxing out. Any development severely delayed, or not applied as the server would continually decide it was done for the day.

The team at GTS stepped up and built a brand new server and environment overnight, and migrated all of the work that had been done over to the new server.

Really impressed with how they handled the issues, and their response was fantastic.