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About Us

Just Web Consultants are a remote team of specialists based in Glasgow. We have been involved in creating, developing and expanding websites, brands and communities for over 12 years. We specialize in content management systems, WordPress, SEO, strategy planning including website & business startups and can offer continued growth and development thereafter.

Our team of consultants will be able to advise on all aspects of your digital development, from Analytics to SEO. No matter how large or small.

Esports Project Consultation

With a passion for esports, we understand the growing needs of the esports industry from grass-roots to professional level events. Starting up your own venture into esports can be overwhelming, and our consultants are here to help. Our consultants have helped launch several esports startups in recent years. We offer the complete package from website, to social media, to creating email accounts.

Esports forms a large portion of our background, from community website building, events organisation, right up to partnerships and B2B connections. There are no overnight success stories in esports, that’s the reality, with our consultants help we can set you on the right path to growth and your long term goals.

Dealing with all levels of esports from Grass-root activation’s to professional level events, including working with clients new to the space and finding the best strategy to add that esports element to their event or project.

Business Start Up Support

Whether you are a new business owner looking to create a brand new website, or a seasoned entrepreneur who wants to enhance the looks, appeal and usability of their website, we have solutions that are cost effective & efficient.

Empowering Owners

Our philosophy is to empower our clients, and give them the knowledge to run and operate their own websites. We will never make you reliant on us, although we are always here for support if needed.

Elevate your idea to the next level, and get in touch today.

JWC - Web development and SEO consultants

Remote Work for Hire

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Web Consultants

Esports website or not, our consultants are personal to you. Arrange an appointment to discuss your website needs and we can come up with a solution that is affordable and exactly what you are looking for in a website.

SEO Audit Services

Get your web pages ranked on google. SEO services from JWC will enable you to see how your website is doing in SERP's, what pages have errors or what backlinks are negatively impacting your page rank.

Technical Authoring

Also known as user guides, or instruction manuals, technical authoring will enable you to get any employee up to speed on how to use your website or software packages. Technical authoring is a long term asset to your company.

Client Support

Every now and then something comes up that requires further investigation or support, for which we have a support tickets area for our clients. We are able to provide some managed WordPress support services to new clients.

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Why Choose Us ?

Launching a new website can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be when you come prepared and ready for the challenge. You may have to ask yourself some questions around certain aspects of your new project website, or even apply some of these to an existing website.

We research your market, your customers, neighbouring markets, competitors – anything we can find to give us intelligence and insight into your potential customers. We set about understanding your business aims and where the website fits in. Based on all of this knowledge, we draw up plans for user journeys and conversions which will drive the return from the website your business needs.

Most importantly, our consultants can work with you from day one, or join in on current live projects, streamlining your development and deployment process, besides factoring your websites projected growth, costs and management.

Contact us today to get a solution that suits your needs.

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